Local Restaurants to Try in Limbe

What is a restaurant?

A restaurant is a place where food is paid and eaten. Some local but classy restaurants to try in Limbe include:

Arne’s Café:

 This café is located around the Limbe wildlife center. It is a European cuisine and it provides drinks, lunch and dinner meals. Moreover, it also special meals that are vegetarian friendly and are vegan options

Wood fire pizza house:

From its name you’ll know what it offers. This pizza house is found in Sappa road and it offers pizza and dinner meals

Biggie Chops:

Biggie Chops is located in Mile 2, opposite formal guarantee junction. They offer breakfast, lunch and dinner meals. In addition to that, they also offer beer, barbecue African, South American and Columbian meals.

Salento Lounge:

It is a luxurious restaurant that is found in Sappa road and offers lunch and dinner meals. It contains international, wine and dinner bars

Why choose us?

MICASO is located at a position where access to these restaurants is easy

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