Best Places For Family Fun in Limbe

Limbe is not only the one of cleanest town in Cameroon, it has many touristic sites to visit for family fun and reunions.

  • Botanic garden:

This is a garden dedicated to the collection, cultivation, preservation and display of an especially wide range of plants, which are typically labeled with their botanical names. The botanic garden is very wonderful for family fun because one tend to have quiet time with the family full of walks, exploring nature and discovering  botanical names of plants. More to that, families get to have meaningful time at the garden by enjoying picnics and have some cultural adventures which is to meet new plants and have some historical background about them

  • Alcef park:

This park is perfect for family fun and enjoyment. They have numerous  facilities to enjoy with your kids, nieces and nephews. They contain free wi-fi for you to video call your family members and show them what they are missing out. Moreover, they have games for the kids like trampoline, swings, see-saws, toy houses, fountain games, fly wheels, climbing bars merry-go-rounds and much more, you may be thinking that there will not be fun things also for the adults however, there are snack bars, sea breeze restaurants and club houses where table hockey and the latest play station is  available  for the adults. Not forgetting the VIP section which is cozier and more comfortable.

  • Seme beach:

This is a wonderful touristic area that is perfect for family fun, because of its environment and facilities. It has a private beach area, 1 swimming pool and bar. More to that, the offer free parking space, free internet , a restaurant which they sell fruits, wines/champagne, kid meals, special diet meals which one can feed on after swimming. In addition, different courts are available for games, like the basketball court and tennis court and other games like canoeing, fishing and live music performances

  • The Limbe wildlife center :

    As its name, has been conserving wildlife since 1963 and managed by the Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife and Pandrillus Foundation which hosts 378 animal species. This is a good touristic area for the family because the kids get to see different species of animals and know more information about them

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